Will Guinea Pigs Jump Out of Bed? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs are very fun pets that we often hold in our hands, play with them, let them walk around the room, and similar situations.

But what will happen if we put the guinea pig on the bed, will it jump from it, or will it need attention?

Will guinea pigs jump out of bed?

Guinea pigs may jump out of bed, or they may not decide on such a step. It depends on the character of the guinea pig, how long it has been on the bed, whether you are close to it, and other factors.

Since it is impossible to know exactly what the guinea pig will do while in bed and whether it will jump or not, it is best not to come to such a moment.

If the guinea pig jumps out of the bed then it can get hurt, so it is better not to leave the guinea pig alone to decide whether or not to jump out of the bed.

Six reasons why a guinea pig might jump out of bed

Guinea pigs can suddenly jump out of bed and injure themselves.

They may jump when they are making popcorn when they are scared by something that surrounds them in the environment or if they are very excited.

We will talk more extensively about these and other reasons in the following text.

If they notice food on the floor

Guinea pigs have an excellent sense of smell and can smell food from a long distance away.

When a guinea pig is on a bed and sees food scraps on the floor, it may suddenly jump on the food.

So never leave food on the floor when you want to put your guinea pig on the bed, it can jump up and hurt itself.

When makes popcorn

When guinea pigs make popcorn they may jump out of bed. This can happen because when guinea pigs make popcorn they cannot control themselves.

MY guinea pig when making popcorn down on the floor often hits the legs of the table or the legs of the chairs.

When the guinea pig is on the bed it can be happy and suddenly jump up especially if it is on the edge of the bed.

Poor depth judgment

Although guinea pigs have good vision, it can happen that they make a poor judgment of depth.

They see several meters in front of them and do not have good depth perception which makes it impossible for them to judge how high the bed is from the floor.

If the guinea pig is at the end of the bed it will not know how far it is from the floor.

For this reason, the guinea pig may decide to jump off the bed and injure itself when it falls on the floor.will guinea pigs jump out of bed

Feeling trapped

Guinea pigs when on a bed can feel trapped at certain times. At such times they will decide to run away or jump out of bed as a solution to their situation.

However, this depends on the character of the guinea pig, how you keep it, and whether they are still afraid of the environment that surrounds them.

You have to watch all their movements to predict when they might jump and stop them to avoid injury.

Curiosity will make guinea pigs jump out of bed

Although guinea pigs may not want to jump out of bed, curiosity can take its toll.

Guinea pigs are very curious and like to explore their surroundings, the same can happen when they are in bed.

It can reach the end of the bed and accidentally fall or jump off the bed, which can then cause injury to your pet.

Guinea pigs may jump out of bed in fear

Guinea pigs can also jump out of bed due to fear of something in the environment. However, they are prey in nature and are taught to always be ready to save themselves from predators.

Although in domestic conditions they are not really a threat like their friends in nature, they have still kept that instinct.

It is enough for them to be frightened by another pet in your home, or by a loud noise or something similar, and the guinea pig may suddenly jump out of bed.

What happens if the guinea pig jumps out of bed?

If the guinea pig jumps and falls off the bed it can cause unwanted injuries to their body. Injury to the legs, head, back, spine, and neck may occur.

In doing so, the guinea pig can get the following injuries:

  • fractures
  • shock
  • paralysis
  • internal body injuries
  • fatal injuries and death

All these injuries are serious for guinea pigs, so care should be taken to prevent them from jumping out of bed.

Guinea pigs will be injured if they fall from a height greater than 6 inches.

If the bed is above this height, it is best not to put your pet on it at all, because you obviously don’t know what can happen, that is, it can always jump out of the bed.

What to do if the guinea pig jumps out of bed?

If the guinea pig jumps out of bed it is best to take it to the vet for an examination. A veterinary examination is important because you may not be able to notice any injury to your pet.

You can check the guinea pig for any injuries by running your hand over its body. If you notice any irregularities, take the guinea pig to the vet immediately.

However, if the guinea pig shows any of the following signs, you should immediately take it to the veterinarian without delay:

  • making sounds of pain
  • heavy breathing
  • the guinea pig cannot move
  • bending when walking
  • a broken bone or when the bone moves out of its normal position in the body
  • If the guinea pig does not show any signs of injury after jumping out of bed, you should still be careful and observe it for 24 hours.

If you notice that there are certain changes in behavior, heavy breathing, or not enough appetite to eat, you must take him to the vet to examine him.

Sometimes guinea pigs, like other pets, can hide the injury because they are afraid of attacks by predators that would take advantage of their current weakness.

Can you stop the guinea pig from jumping out of bed?

You can try to prevent the guinea pig from jumping off the bed, but you should know that you can never be completely sure that your pet is completely protected.

Guinea pigs, even though they are small, have very good body movements and can easily escape from you and jump off the bed.

Many times I can’t catch my guinea pig because he makes sudden movements that I can’t follow.

To prevent the guinea pig from jumping off the bed, you can set up pillow barriers, or fence off the area of the bed so that it can reach the ends and jump off.

However, guinea pigs are very clever and can surprise you with their actions, so you have to be very careful if you want to put your pet on the bed.

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Guinea pigs may or may not jump out of bed, it all depends on the character of your pet.

Some guinea pigs, if frightened by something in the environment, may suddenly jump out of bed and injure themselves.

If the guinea pig jumps out of bed you must take them to the vet to check for injuries, fractures, or any other problems with their body.

No matter how hard you try to protect the guinea pig when it is on the bed, there is always a danger that it will jump and injure itself.

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