Will Hamsters Starve if They Don’t like the Food? Let’s Discover

Hamsters want to constantly eat and store food because this is how mother nature taught them, they constantly think that they will not have enough food.

Hamsters eat a variety of food starting from pellets, and various seeds, as well as vegetables and fruits.

But will hamsters starve if they don’t like the food?

No, hamsters will not starve if they don’t like the food, they will eat the food they like first and then the food they don’t like. Hamsters will never refuse food as long as there is any food they can eat, even though they are picky, they will always empty the food bowl every time when they are hungry.

In today’s article, we will find out why hamsters do not starve when there is any food to eat and other related questions on this topic.

Will hamsters starve if they don’t like the food?

Hamsters will never starve if they don’t like the food, they will eat it anyway.

They want to eat their favorite food first, and they can eat it all the time as long as it is available, but when they have no choice then they will eat the food they don’t like.

Hamsters eat as long as there is something to eat, they are able to eat their babies just to survive and not starve.

When you give food to hamsters, you should still give them a variety of food, so that they can take in different nutrients that they need to be healthy.

Although they may at first eat their favorite food, then when they get hungry they will also eat the food they don’t like,

Why do hamsters need to eat a variety of food?

Hamsters know very well what to eat and what to leave and not eat at all. They always eat the food they like first, but when they have no choice they will eat whatever they can find.

Variety in the diet is important for hamsters because they need to ingest minerals and vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients.

So let’s read about the reasons why hamsters should eat different types of food, not just their favorite food.

Risk of overeating

If the hamsters eat only what they like the most all the time, and if we keep giving them their favorite food, they may overeat.

When hamsters see their favorite food on the plate, they will eat as much as possible, and in doing so, they may gain weight and start having health problems.

When hamsters are fat, they are at risk of:

  • heart diseases
  • diabetes
  • stress

Hamsters’ obesity or overeating will reduce their daily activities, such as running on the exercise wheel, because their weight will weigh them down and they will not be able to move properly.

Overeating and obesity produce stress in hamsters which then leads to aggressive behavior towards other hamsters or owners.

Improper nutritional balance

To be healthy, hamsters should have a proper diet with pellets, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

If hamsters eat only their favorite food and avoid eating what they don’t like, it is not at all correct and beneficial for their health.

Even though they like to eat sugary foods like cereal, that doesn’t mean we have to let them eat only cereal all the time even though it’s their favorite food.

Variety in the diet is key for hamsters, and therefore we should not give them only what they like the most, no matter how much the hamsters resist when there is nothing else they will eat that they don’t like.

It is difficult for all owners to resist emotions when their hamster initially does not want to eat some food, but we must be aware that variety in the diet is the right step to have a healthy hamster.will hamsters starve if they don't like the food

They will become spoiled

If we teach hamsters to eat only their favorite food, we will make them spoiled, which is certainly not good for their mental and physical health.

If we only let them eat what they like, they will start to become aggressive as a sign of revolt, and it will be more difficult to tame them.

When hamsters are spoiled, they will quickly become agitated and create problems such as climbing into their cage and biting the bars which will only cause bad consequences, such as falling off the bars of the cage, especially if they climb to the top and may injure themselves.

Why do hamsters have to eat regularly?

When hamsters eat they take in nutrients that allow them to have enough energy and functionality of their organism.

If the hamsters do not eat they will start to lose weight, they will start to starve their body and their organs will slowly start to fail and finally, they will die.

Hamsters have a fast metabolism and therefore they need food every day to have enough strength to run on the exercise wheel, jump around the cage and be active and happy.

If the hamsters don’t eat for more than 3-4 days they will die, while the sick hamsters won’t last even that many days they will die earlier.

Therefore, if you go on vacation, you must find someone to give food and water to the hamster, otherwise, it will die.

What do hamsters do when they are hungry?

When hamsters are hungry they will not sleep during the day due to lack of food, they will not want to play and run on their wheel as a result of lack of energy due to hunger.

When the hamster is hungry, it is lethargic and does not want to communicate with anyone, not even with us owners.

When you notice that he constantly bites the bars of the cage, and runs towards you when you come, these are sure signs that the hamster is hungry and needs food.

When hamsters are hungry, they eat everything they find near them, although some things they shouldn’t eat, such as bedding.

Do hamsters eat other hamsters?

Hungry hamsters can eat other hamsters as a last resort if they have no choice.

However, this happens if they really have no other choice of food, and when they are too hungry, they then eat each other so as not to starve to death.

Meanwhile, when a hamster eats another hamster, they always eat the weaker hamsters first, and the mother hamsters also eat the babies when they are hungry.

Cannibalism is not at all pleasant, but hamsters are taught this way from the wild and sometimes they can, unfortunately, eat other hamsters when their lives are threatened.

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What to do if your hamster doesn’t want to eat?

When your hamsters don’t like to eat food and drink water that is a serious problem for your pet.

When hamsters don’t eat anything for 3-4 days they will die, so you must take them to the vet to check their health.

The possible reason hamsters don’t eat is probably some diseases and other severe problems with health.

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Hamsters will never starve as long as they have food in their cage.

They are picky eaters and love to eat their favorite foods, but when they have no other choice they will eat anything they can find.

As much as hamsters may resist and avoid eating different types of food, we must not allow them to get used to only one favorite food.

Variety in the diet is a factor that affects their health and helps them have more energy and intake of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

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