Why Guinea Pigs Are Suddenly Scared? And How To Help Them

why guinea pigs are suddenly scared

Guinea pigs are sensitive animals that can be scared very quickly. When a guinea pig becomes scared suddenly it can be caused by several reasons. Why did the guinea pigs suddenly get scared? The most common reasons why a guinea pig suddenly gets scared are predators, certain noises in the environment, and other people around … Read more

Are Humidifiers Good or Bad for Hamsters? Let’s Discover

are humidifiers good or bad for hamsters

Many of us at home use air humidifiers, which help to maintain the necessary humidity in the room. Humidifiers are good for us humans, but what about our little hamsters, can they also be exposed to air humidifiers, are they dangerous to their health or are they beneficial? Air humidifiers are beneficial for hamsters because … Read more

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Other Bums? Let’s Find Out

why do guinea pigs bite each other bums

Guinea pigs are very gentle and friendly animals, but sometimes they know how to bite, even to bite the bums of other guinea pigs. Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Other Bums? Guinea pigs bite each other bums because of fun, stress, hunger, pain, or their hormones. Sometimes they bite the bums to show dominance … Read more