Can A Hamster Die From Over Eating? Let’s Discover

can a hamster die from over eating

Keeping hamsters means regularly giving them food and water, cleaning the cage, and playing and interacting with them. One of the most important things when caring for hamsters is that they have enough food, but can hamsters die from overeating? Hamsters can die from overeating, they then have problems with movement and get dehydrated which … Read more

What Do You Need to Know About Skin Infections in Hamsters?

skin infections in hamsters

Hamsters often have skin problems, infections, redness and similar things that can cause problems with their health. What do you need to know about skin infections in hamsters? Skin infections in hamsters are most often caused by bacteria, parasites and fungi that penetrate through their skin. In hamsters, the most common skin problems are: mites … Read more

Do Hamsters Get Allergic Reactions? Let’s Find Out The Truth

do hamsters get allergic reactions

Hamsters, just like other animals, can get allergic reactions, mostly from food or from dirt, dust, polluted air, etc. When hamsters have allergic reactions, symptoms such as dry skin, breathing problems, sneezing, swelling of the limbs, and excessive itching often appear. Allergic reactions in hamsters are not life-threatening, but it is still necessary to prevent … Read more