How To Unclog A Guinea Pig’s Nose? Let’s Discover

how to unclog a guinea pig's nose

Guinea pigs sometimes have clogged noses, which will interfere with their breathing and can cause problems with the respiratory organs. That’s why you need to unclog their nose so they can be happy and breathe normally. How to unclog a guinea pig’s nose? When guinea pigs have a clogged nose, the best way to unclog … Read more

Do Hamsters Know When Another Hamster Dies? Let’s Find Out

do hamsters know when another hamster dies

When you keep two or more hamsters together you must wonder how the hamster feels when another hamster dies. Do hamsters know when another hamster dies? Hamsters do not know that the other hamster has died, they then think that the other hamster is in another cage or has been taken to some other location. … Read more