can guinea pigs eat marijuana

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Marijuana? All You Need To Know

Many people have taken advantage of the legalization of marijuana to be able to use it.

Many times guinea pig owners wonder if it is okay to give marijuana to their pets to eat. The answer is no, guinea pigs should not eat marijuana because it is too dangerous for their health.

In today’s article we will learn in more detail why you should not give guinea pigs to eat marijuana, and what are the risks of consuming this plant for their health.

Can guinea pigs eat marijuana?

No, guinea pigs should not eat marijuana, by no means because it is too dangerous for their health.

Guinea pigs have cannabinoid receptors, which practically means that they, like us humans, will be affected by THC and CBD.

There are other psychoactive substances in marijuana that will have a detrimental effect on the health of guinea pigs.

Another example of how dangerous it is for guinea pigs to eat marijuana is that they are underweight, as the effects of marijuana can be far more dangerous to guinea pigs than to humans.

Do guinea pigs like to eat marijuana?

Yes, guinea pigs will love to eat marijuana, so be sure they going to eat it if given the chance.

Therefore, you as owners should be careful not to come guinea pigs in any contact with marijuana.

Keep them away from marijuana and smoke from the marijuana itself, they are all harmful to their health.

What if a guinea pig accidentally eats marijuana?

When a guinea pig tries to eat marijuana, the consequences are quite different from the usual consequences of eating something that is not allowed.

If they eat marijuana, your pets will be in a drunken state, which will result in running and jumping.

Their movements will become very fast due to the effect of marijuana, which is certainly not right, so you need to see a veterinarian immediately if your pet accidentally tries marijuana.can guinea pigs eat marijuana

Can eating marijuana kill a guinea pig?

Yes, eating marijuana is too dangerous for guinea pigs and can kill your furry pet.

If your pet eats marijuana, then they will need to eat more food, which will eventually result in guinea pig diabetes, obesity, and death.

Marijuana leaves contain about 2% TNS, which means that if guinea pigs eat about 30 grams of marijuana then the chances of death are 50%.

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Is marijuana smoke harmful to guinea pigs?

Yes, marijuana smoke is also very harmful to guinea pigs, it can have serious consequences for their health.

If you, as the owner, smoke marijuana, then try to be in another room, never with your pet.

Marijuana smoke can affect the lungs, pancreas, and eye irritation and cause various forms of cancer in guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat marijuana leaves?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat marijuana leaves, although we do not recommend giving them away.

In order not to be confused by this answer, we must emphasize that the leaves of the marijuana plant are not the same as processed marijuana.

In order for cannabis to have psychotropic effects, it must first go through a process called decarboxylation, at which point it is dangerous for guinea pigs and their life.

If they eat marijuana leaves that have not gone through this process then expect that the guinea pig will get a little sick, but will not have any more serious problems.

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Can you give CBD oil to guinea pigs?

Yes, CBD oil is safe for guinea pigs.

In fact, CBD oil (a product made from cannabis) is used as a pain reliever and has anti-inflammatory effects in guinea pigs.

In addition, it can help with allergies, improve appetite and reduce the chances of developing certain forms of cancer in guinea pigs.

Can I smoke cigarettes around my guinea pig?

No, smoking regular cigarettes are also harmful if you do so in a guinea pig area.

Cigarette smoke can have the same effect on guinea pigs as it does on humans, which is the most common lung problem and the risk of cancer.can guinea pigs eat marijuana

Does vaping hurt guinea pigs?

Yes, vaping hurts guinea pigs you can be sure of that.

The fact that nicotine in any form or way of smoking is always harmful to your guinea pig.

The smoke produced by evaporating smoking is harmful, so it should be kept away from guinea pigs. E-liquid itself and small amounts of it can kill your pet.

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Guinea pigs should not eat marijuana because it is very harmful to their health.

Marijuana can cause problems with the lungs, pancreas, blood, and other organs that can cause cancer.

If guinea pigs eat marijuana, it can lead to obesity, diabetes, and the death of your pet.

Only marijuana leaves that are not processed, ie have not passed the process of decarboxylation, will not be very dangerous for them.

Finally, our recommendation is not to expose your guinea pig to marijuana smoke, cigarettes, and similar substances, give it vegetables and fruits so that it does not have health problems.