What Are The Best Toys For Trimming My Hamster’s Nails?

toys for trimming my hamster's nails

Hamster nails are constantly growing and therefore need to be trimmed and shortened occasionally. If their nails are overgrown, then your hamster will have problems when they groom, and injuries to them or other hamsters may occur when they come into contact. That’s why you should use nail-trimming toys for hamsters, which through physical contact … Read more

Why Is the Hamster Wobbling and Falling Over? Let’s Discover

do hamsters know when another hamster dies

Hamsters sometimes know how to surprise us with their actions, such as when they sometimes wobble. They besides wobbling and also falling. So I researched the question of why hamsters wobble and fall, and here’s what I discovered. Why is the hamster wobbling and falling over? Hamsters wobble and fall due to lack of sufficient … Read more