Why Is My Hamster Biting Its Plastic Cage? 6 Ways To Stop Them

why is my hamster biting its plastic cage

Hamsters are constantly active and doing something all the time when they are in their cage. They often bite and chew a variety of things such as toys, cage bars, and anything that interests them. But sometimes they overdo it by biting their plastic cage. If this happens occasionally it is not so terrible, but … Read more

What Will Happen to My Hamster if It Eats Plastic? Find Out Now

what will happen to my hamster if it eats plastic

Hamsters are known for eating and biting all the time, whether it’s food or the cage, or plastic. They also bite the water bottle and food bowls and other things. You must be worried when you see them biting the plastic and whether it is dangerous for them and their health. What will happen to … Read more

How Much Exercise do Hamsters Need a Day? Let’s Discover

how much exercise do hamsters need a day

Hamsters need to exercise every day to stay healthy and at a normal weight. Exercise allows hamsters to improve their mental health. How Much Exercise Do Hamsters Need a Day? Hamsters should exercise daily for 20-30 minutes using the exercise wheel, tunnels and other toys they have in the cage. While the overall exercise should … Read more